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Short paper on cyber resilience forthcoming at ICIS in December 2021

Aktualisiert: 1. Dez. 2021

A short paper co-authored with Laura Georg Schaffner from EM Strasbourg and Lakshmi Goel from Univ. of North Florida is forthcoming on this year's ICIS in December 2021.

Our study views cybersecurity as a complex socially enacted context that is influenced by dialogues within organizational boards, rather than a simple matter of technological infrastructure. We use the concept of technological frames to capture patterns in board dialogues that relate to cybersecurity and influence organizational capability of resilience. Our research question is: How do technological frames appear in non-executive board dialogues, and how do they influence the organization’s capability for cyber resilience? We study at least three technological frames pertaining to board members’ individual (I-), collective (B-), and regulatory (R-) frames related to cybersecurity. Our preliminary findings include tracking patterns of the three frames within board dialogues and suggesting guardrails to reframe dialogue with the intention of building organizational resilience.

Our overall aim is to contribute to research on organizational resilience in context of cybersecurity. We have developed a new method and theoretical perspective to broaden how IS research studies resilience.

Our intention is to prepare future studies that intend to analyze individual sensemaking of technology that cannot be directly experienced, as for the study of pervasive digital infrastructures, to advance societal discussions of technology and resilience.

You find the article and the presentation video here.

Picture credits: ICIS website screenshot from August 2021

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