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Dr. Sven-Volker Rehm

Technologies are changing the ways we communicate, live, work and organize. As researcher on information systems, I study how that happens and what potential opportunities this opens up for us. As cybernetician, I am interested in how we can better manage and organize in view of the dynamics involving people and technologies. As future foresight advisor, I moderate dialogues to understand how we can leverage new technologies to create value in new ways. To this end, I am also presenting, teaching and publishing.


Book chapters out now

Rehm, S.-V., & Coppeneur-Gülz, C. (2021). Digitally Transforming Live Communication—A Field Study on Services for Event Resource Management. In A. Zimmermann, R. Schmidt, L.C. Jain (Eds.): Architecting the Digital Transformation: Digital Business, Technology, Decision Support, Management. Berlin: Springer. [Link]

Innovations for Metropolitan Areas-cover

Rehm, S.‑V., & Faber, A. (2020). Building the City’s Business Networks : Using Visualisations for Business Ecosystem Governance. In P. Planing, P. Müller, P. Dehdari, & T. Bäumer (Eds.), Creating Innovations for Metropolitan Areas: Intelligent Solutions for Infrastructure, Mobility, and Applications for Citizens (1st ed., pp. 243–254). Berlin: Springer Berlin; Springer. [Link]

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